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Dec 6, 2008 10:15 AM

Is My Turkey Stock Okay?

I recently used a turkey carcass to make some stock in my slow cooker. I discovered after I put it in the fridge to cool (and to get the fat to congeal) that the whole pot of stock had basically turned to jelly. I'm used a top layer of fat forming, but even the darker stock itself is gelatinous. My boyfriend used some of it and said it liquified right away when heated. Is it really okay to use?

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  1. It's better than okay, that consistency means that you have a stock rich with minerals, calcium and nutrients from the turkey bones and connective tissue.

    1. Congratulations! A good, rich stock is gelatinous and to be desired; as your boyfriend noted it liquifies when heated. Certainly it is preferable to a stock with no body.

      1. That happened to me last year. Using a crockpot and slow cooking over a couple days I got one that was so gelatinous that it would start congealing the moment it wasn't definitively warm. The flavor was fantastic but the consistency was unsettling.

        This year I used more aromatic veggies and backed off on the time just slightly. I hope I managed to get the same flavor. It's cooling in the fridge for removal of the fat as I type so I'll know soon. But the message is that the crockpot that never lets the simmer break into anything approaching a boil is the way to go.

        Congrats on achieving a turkey demi-glace! ;>

        1. Whew! Thanks so much, everyone! And good luck with your stock, Rainey!