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Chicken liver dishes?

who's got the best? appetizers, mains, you name it. prefer gramercy/chelsea/village ideally...but i'll follow the lure of the liver if needed :)


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  1. For more upscale/haute: the Monday Room has a lovely chicken liver crème caramel with cabernet roasted grapes and crispy parma. Freemans has a Chicken Liver Crostini. Spotted Pig has chicken liver toast.

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      I'll second the chicken liver toast at Spotted Pig. Really delicious and luscious.

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        I also vote for the chicken liver at Spotted Pig. Yum. And on the topic of liver, they also had an amazing calves liver special there once (as a main). Wow, do they know liver.

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        i've had freeman's, which is ace....and when i am feeling a little more flush, i'll have to try the monday room. maybe january 21 :)

      3. On top of the dishes mentioned, may I suggest:
        - The chicken liver mousse with cracklings at Back Forty
        - the chicken liver pate (with other meat) and the salad with chicken liver, poached egg, and lardon at Bar Boulud
        - Chicken liver parfait at Maze of The London Hotel by Gordon Ramsay
        - Chicken Liver Mousse with truffle and pickled vegetable at EMP

        1. I am going to be in NYC next weekend and i'm a huge chicken liver fan (I was born and raised in the south, raised on fried chicken livers) so I am going to keep an eye on this thread. :)

          1. Had the chicken liver crostini at Convivio tonight--quite tasty.

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              I will second the chicken liver crostini at Convivio, but that said, this will be an expensive meal. Check out Bar Pitti (On 6th Ave at Bleecker), they make a nice chicken liver crostini appetizer and have great, reasonable Italian food to accompany.

            2. I had a great dish at Upstairs at Bouley a couple of years ago. I'm not sure if it's still on the menu.

              1. The chicken liver ravioli at Barbone was amazing, but the service and rest of the meal was beyond awful.

                1. My favorite appetizer at Roberto Passon (Italian, 9th & 50th) is chicken livers in a port-based sauce with pears and argula.

                  1. I love chicken livers. Two places that have them as appetizers are Lumi at Lexington and 70th and Bianca at 5 Bleecker btw Bowery and Elizabeth. Both are really excellent. At Lumi, you can get it as a main course and at Bianca, the portion is huge.

                    963 Lexington Avenue, New York, NY 10021

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                      I too love chicken livers, does anyone have a fantastic chicken liver omelet?

                    2. May not be the composed dish that the other posters have recommended, but for straight-up, unadulterated liver goodness, it's tough to beat the chicken liver yakitori at Yakitori Totto...

                      Yakitori Totto
                      251 W 55th St, New York, NY 10019

                      1. I really like the chicken liver app at Bianca; they deglaze them with balsamic vinegar and it complements them perfectly. As a starter, though, it will spoil your appetite for an entree. Another favorite is the sauteed chicken liver with tiny poori at Banjara. Really, really good. I can't say that I've loved anything else that I've had there, particularly, but I think it's worth a trip for that dish alone.

                        97 1st Ave, New York, NY 10003