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Dec 6, 2008 09:52 AM

Rice Oil

I at the most delicious, non-greasy french fries at a Napa, CA restaurant (BarbersQ) and when I commented on them, the general manager said they fry everything in rice oil. I had never heard of rice oil up to that point. I would appreciate hearing about your likes/dislikes of cooking with rice oil. Thanks!

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  1. Great stuff, esp. for tempura. High smoke point and relatively healthy, but seems to go rancid more easily than some others.

    1. I have a small bottle of "rice bran oil" in the pantry... never opened. It has been there so long I can't remember why I bought it, probably because I thought it would be healthy. As small as the bottle is, I can't imagine it was cheap enough to do any deep frying.
      Looking forward to any answers you might get.

      1. I use rice bran oil for deep frying. (The label calls it rice oil; the ingredients list calls it rice bran oil.) It has a very high smoke point. The label says it is "trans fat free." I buy it online from