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Dec 6, 2008 09:27 AM

Bulls Head ginger ale now in Montreal

My favorite eastern townships regional beverage is finally going to be available on Montreal island, apparently zellers will distribute this local quebec product.

Bulls head's fortunes have been up and down, but looks like up for now, this is great news.

their website gives the locations that will stock it at

I have always wondered why they are not in the saveurs de quebec store in Jean Talon Market.

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  1. TĂȘte de boule, like my dad calls it. Neat. If I can get my tush to Angry Onion (my nickname for Angrignon), I'll poke my head in Zellers there.

    I'm also fond of another ginger ale brand I can only get when I visit my inlaws in Ontario: Vernor's. Nice and nippy.

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      1. The original comment has been removed
        1. This WAS great news. I just received an email from one of the owners that states that Bull's Head will in all likelihood, be ceasing production. Good old Loblaw's (includes Provigo in Quebec) and their other affiliates have booted them out since they don't generate enough sales volume. Loblaw's represents 30% of Bull's Head sales, so this effectively kills the brand. Thanks Loblaws. I'll be shopping elsewhere from now on.

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            Write them if you feel that you want to change their minds.

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              Same seems to have happened elsewhere: I asked my inlaws to bring back some Vernor's Ginger Ale from Ontario. The stores don't carry it anymore.

              1. re: TheSnowpea

                It would seam that Loblaws is dropping a lot of brand items and adding more no name stuff. I guess they have to make room for all their Joe Fresh Style crap.

              2. re: bigstef

                I've noticed that as well at my local provigo- when I asked where Europe's Best frozen veg were, I was told that the company is going exclusively with arctic gardens (yuk). those perfect, frozen asparagus spears were wonderful for risotto in the off-season. I now have to trek much fiurther to find the brand.

                damn you, loblaws!