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Dec 6, 2008 09:24 AM

Source for Cocktail Plates with Wineglass holder in Toronto

Has anyone seen these? Looking for a local source for plates that have a hole on the side or in the middle to hang a wine glass. Any help appreciated.

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  1. I've seen them around but can't think where now....I would give Crate n' Barrel a try.

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    1. re: millygirl

      Thanks - was trying to avoid the trip to Yorkdale but I think you are right - they do have them.

    2. I was stocking up on Xmas lights at Canadian Tire the other day and while walking thru the aisles, saw a melamine version. Maybe not as glamourous as the Crate & Barrel version, but def less expensive!

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      1. re: sylvrgirl

        Bought the melamine version (various colours) at Dollarama in the summer for $2 each.

      2. I found mine at IQ Living on Danofth Ave. It was a few years ago.

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        1. re: food_whiz

          Don't laugh... but I bought a set as a gift for friends, from Sears. They were simple white ones, but nice enough to gift.
          Also, is ordering online an option? Because I'm sure Uncommon Goods would carry those dishes as well.

        2. I recently bought some from the Ashley Warehouse sale -- $7.99 for a set of four!

          1. Am looking for the same and came across this old thread which I thought I would resurrect. I know that C&B and Pottery Barn have these, but am hoping I can find ones that are closer and/or cheaper. Ideally in a natural material (i.e. wood/bamboo), or at least not extremely fragile (i.e. not china/glass/slate). I was at 30 Bench Winery this weekend where they had wooden ones for $6 each, but alas, they were sold out!

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            1. re: tinybites

              Peller had them also, but can't remember the price. If I recall, they were like a white melamine but not certain.

              1. re: tinybites

                Don't know if this option would work for you, but you can just buy the clips that attach to any plate from this Waterloo based company:


                I ordered 3 dozen or so from then and I seem to recall the price being less than a dollar per clip.

                I've found that plates with a flat edge work best, but they do manage to work with just about any plate.

                1. re: TorontoJo

                  Thanks for the tips! Unfortunately I'm looking to purchase in the Toronto area, so Peller won't be an option. I like the clip idea, however was looking for an all-in-one plate. So it looks like PB or C&B might be my safest bets still.

                  1. re: tinybites

                    Wine Establishment had them the last time I was in there.

                    1. re: tinybites

                      Try "Cry If I Want To" in Leslieville - I KNOW they have them:
                      They call them stemware holder cocktail plates; they rent for $0.40pp, but you can buy them, too.