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Dec 6, 2008 09:07 AM

mid-priced (to down right cheap) Italian for apx. 10

I am looking for a good idea for a restaurant for tonight... hopefully it's not too late. Entrees around $20 and a fun atmosphere for a group of 20 somethings. Leaning towards Italian, but not 100% committed.


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  1. Cacio e Vino, on 2nd Av. between 4th and 5th Sts.Very good quality for the price.Friendly service and cosy atmosphere.Authentic Sicilian cuisine,always busy,so I would make a reservation.

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    1. re: xny556cip

      That sounds just about right on! thanks i'll look into it!

      1. re: xny556cip

        That sounds right about spot on! thanks so much! i'll look into it.

        1. re: phuh3

          I had lunch at Grotta Azzura on Mulberry St last weekend - ducked in because it was cold and windy and all were famished. Food was surprisingly good and the atmosphere very old school Little Italy. Prix fixe lunch was $12 or $13 and very good for the price. I think that dinner is $19 for pasta and an entree and there's also a large a la carte menu. Not gourmet, but basic and good.

        2. re: xny556cip

          I like it very much, but I wonder if they could seat 10. It's pretty small. phuh3, please get back to us and let us know.

          1. re: Pan

            I've seen groups of 20 in there,and believe me,you notice 20 Italians in a village restaurant.

        3. ive always gone to franks trattoria...resturant in the back of a pizza place...delish food, but atmosphere isnt all that.
          1st ave btwn 22nd and 21st.
          You can try otto..not that expensive..