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Dec 6, 2008 08:09 AM

The more things change . . .

I guess by now everyone has read in the ASS that the Marriot construction on Congress has been "delayed", perhaps read as "never" , or at least 45 years due to the sorry economic condition. All the hullabaloo, people moving, although the article did say that the residents will be moving anyway. So what will we have now in that location, a row of abandoned buldings right in the middle of town?

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  1. It is laughable, and yet, projects like the Austonian across the street continue full steam ahead. Though to be honest, those downtown tony condos probably are viable. All of us working in the restaurant industry downtown are well aware of the slobbering for the dollars places like that will bring to the till.

    1. Similar things happened after the Tech crash. Someone will probably come in and buy it in six months if the economy turns around. Until then, it will be an eyesore.

      1. I just saw that Mars on South Congress will be closing with no plans to reopen in a new location.

        I'd not gotten down to try them there but liked what I had at the old location on San Antonio St. Too bad.