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Dec 6, 2008 04:34 AM

MSP: Cecil's on Cleveland

Recently went to with my mom and dad for lunch. We had corned beef on rye with slaw. It's the best I've had in recent memory in MSP. Compared to Brothers in the skyway, I thought the corned beef was more tender.

I ordered the New York-sized portion. On the bread, it was not as large as I expected. It was plenty of food, more than enough actually, but I was expecting to eat half and save half. Not to be.

Next time I'm going out for corned beef on light rye, I'll head for Cecil's.

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  1. If you can ever pry yourself away from the corned beef while there I'd highly recommend the Monte Cohen. LOVE it. 2 kinds of turkey, cheese and a special mustard sauce on egg bread. I'm making myself hungry just typing that out. Also, love their krinkle cut fries which are probably just ordered from Sysco or something, but I love them. And the shakes are awesome too!

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      I love the blintzes-we call ahead and they're ready for us-hot with jam and sour cream. ALSO-FYI-if you order a half rueben-it really is a whole one on the smaller pieces of rye bread.

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        I have the opposite problem- I can never pry myself away from the Monte Cohen to try the corned beef. Hey, there's always next time...

      2. The first thing I did when I moved to the twin cities was set out in search of a great pastrami, this place was on my list but I really cant go back here. The food was great, but good god there is a manager or owner that works there and he made the two times I went absolutely miserable. I'd think about getting food to go, but if that guy is part owner I'd feel guilty giving him my money.

        1. I can't help but order the Just Like New York- Hot Pastrami and Cole Slaw on an Onion Roll. I have wanted to work my way through their menu but I always find myself ordering the JLNY and never regretting it.

          We get thier cole slaw by the quart in the summer. I don't think I have ever had better.

          Personally I've never had a problem with the owner. It seems like he is ever present and takes pride in his business. I'd like to hear more about how he ruined the experience.

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            Like I said, not sure if it was the manager or the owner, he was a younger rotund guy, but when he is there it seems like all he does is shmooze and take orders and tips (and nothing else). The wait staff then ends up basically running dishes and busing. The problem arises from the complete chaos that ensues, as this does not seem to be the normal operation. It just gets really awkward when there is this guy yelling at the waitress or busgirl or whatever right from your table, especially when the problem was clearly caused by him! On both dates this happened, and it really was hard to enjoy my meal with some guy yelling at the waitress in front of me. I have since went back when he wasn't there and had a fine experience.

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              As a longtime patron of Cecil's, I think I can say with some conviction that that's something of an odd experience -- I know who you're talking about (I believe he's the grandson of Cecil, actually) -- he is a character, no doubt, but I've never witnessed him be anything but friendly with his staff.

              This isn't to discredit what you're reporting -- I just don't think that's the normal experience.

          2. I know Deli is a highly personal thing but, I think the quality of the pastrami at the Brothers is far superior to what I have had at Cecils (my entire life grew up in Highland). The only pastrami I have had better has been at Morts in GV. I find the Cecils meat to lean and they do not steam it properly. I do love the Cecils salad and the chocolate pecan pie but that is a different matter.

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              If I worked downtown and could walk to Brother's at lunch, I'd eat there. But the parking costs for a trip specifically to Brother's can exceed the meal cost.