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Dec 6, 2008 01:31 AM

Budget but good food/drink in Athens (surrounding areas)

We are staying in Alimos/Kalamaki over the Christmastime and are looking for places to eat and drink in the surrounding areas - we dont mind travelling to any bars/tavernas etc as long as there are close to public transport as we will be relying on trams, metro etc. (but would need some directions !!!)

We enjoy Greek food, also chinese, Indian, Burgers the list goes on and on. Due to the low exchange rate for the Euro we would be looking to spend no more than 12-15 euros each on a meal - is this possible or will I be doing my own cooking ???

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  1. You shouldn't have any difficulty eating well for 12-15 euros for your main meal.

    Grab a koulouria for breakfast like the Athenians do from one of the thousands of street sellers you'll pass, and eat it on the hoof; then stop somewhere for a coffee. I assume you'll be spending your days in the centre enjoying the sights and museums, so for lunch, head to Monastiraki and get a souvlaki at one of the three places on the plateis - Thanassis is probably the best. You've got lots of options for your 12-15 euro supper splurge: Taverna tou Psyrri, also close to Monastiraki metro is excellent. At Telis, in Evripidou, you can eat a huge platter of delicious pork chops for 7 euros (that was the price a year ago). You can eat lamb chops almost as cheaply at To Steki tou Ilia in Thissio. You can check the addresses of these places in the main guides - also do a search of past posts for other options, of which there are plenty.

    If you're exhausted after a day's sightseeing and want to go back to your hotel for a rest before going out to eat, you'll find places in your neighbourhood that will probably be even more reasonable: just go where you see a lot of local people eating, and you'll be fine.

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    1. re: Julie Friedeberger

      Just a note to Julie's post.

      I went to Telis a few weeks ago. Now a plate of pork chops costs 8 euros. It has only some lessor quality chips to accompany, and if you want salad and/or tzatziki, you need to order as side dishes. You are also charged for bread. For this reason, I won't call it very economical. You can easily find a platter of meat, salad, tzatziki, chips, and pita for 8 euros or so anywhere in Athens.

    2. I am interested if these recs still apply now - I'm going in a couple weeks and have a tight budget. I really want to have some authentic Greek cuisine, but can't go all out on the pricing.


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        I went to Taverna tou Psyrri and the food wasn't that good. I agree with Dave here:

        In Psyrri, I would rather recommend Nikitas and Naxos, both as authentic as Taverna tou Psyrri and give better food.

        In popular psitopoleia (taverns specialised in grilled meat), the bill for two typically is between 20 and 30.