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Dec 5, 2008 09:25 PM

Vacuum-packed chestnuts

Does anyone know where I can get these (south of Eglinton, west of Yonge, east of Islington)? Peeled, unsweetened. Thanks!

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  1. I just tried them for the first time, as I recall the 'brand' was Aurora(?) and I found them at JOHNVINCE , the one on Steeprock..but they have a store on St.Clair Avenue West (slightly East of Oakwood on the North side ) I would call them first to see if they also carry them in this branch.
    BTW...I really liked them..I didn't cook with them ..I just ate them as is.

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    1. re: pearlD

      Thanks! They were there for $1.99/100 g--waaaay cheaper than the store in the St Lawrence Mkt. It seems like a pretty decent grocery/bulk store (910 St Clair W).

      1. re: MaryZ

        I'm so pleased you found and liked them...Yes, JOHNVINCE is not bad in that location but the one on "Steeprock" is amazing..if you have a car it's a great place to shop/browse.. I generally go there for one item (dried cherries) but manage to come home with all manner of goodies!

    2. I've seen them at La Rose bakery, which is a light north of eglinton and royal york. I think the variety they have are pre-roasted. Maybe call ahead before you go.