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Dec 5, 2008 08:05 PM

Indian food near King-Bathurst

I always used to order from and get take-out from Siddhartha at the corner of King and Bathurst. But after they closed, I can't find a good indian place in the area or even one that will deliver West of Bathurst. Ghandi's Roti is okay but I'm craving some Naan. Anyone have any suggestions?


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  1. The three indian places on queen street, just east of much music on the south side will probably deliver out your way. There is trimurti, india palace and I think the third is babur. There might even be a fourth.

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      Little India is down there, too. I've eaten at them all except India Palace. I think Trimurtri might have been the best, although I've only been there once.

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        Indus Junction on Queen near Tecumseuth is pretty good. On the higher end of Indian Cusine.

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        I tried ordering from Little India last night. It actually does its delivery through (so add-on a $7 delivery charge) but it was there in an hour and was warm. Meh, maybe that's what I'll do if there's nothing else in the area

      3. I don't think any of those mentioned so far deliver.

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        1. Aroma delivers. They have my favorite Indian food west of Yonge.

          Aroma Fine Indian Cuisine
          287 King St W, Toronto, ON M5V1J5, CA