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Dec 5, 2008 07:03 PM

New cookware set. Bed Bath and Beyond Gift Certs to use up

I do most of the cooking at our house, and when we went through the process of registering I selected a 10 piece set of Calphalon one. I do the vast majority of my cooking in cast iron, but will probably need at least one lighter pan for the wife to use.

No one bought us any of the Calphalon One we registered for, we ended up going for some locally made stoneware for our dishes and that ate up a lot of our gift budget.

My mother, the bargain hound, did find a set of Simply Calphalon on sale one day, so we have that sitting in a box. If we return it and a few other duplicates, combined with gift cards we will have around $600 to spend, but it will have to be at Bed Bath and Beyond.

My Wife wants a uniform set, so I don't get to piece together as I go. She wants the asthetics of a single brand/line of pots as we get rid of our college and single life cookware.

So, is the simply calphalon worth ditching, or do we keep it and use the money on other things. Is the Calphalon One worth the price? Is there something else we can get without going much higher?

I'll admit, I like to have the option to use the dishwasher. I've tried to stick to handwashing only, but after a few months it's going to end up in the diswashwer. I might be able to resist, but I'm trying to be honest with myself. I also like using metal utensils(sorry, raised on cast iron) but we have plenty of plastic ones to use.

So I want to get the most durable, easy to use, nonstick without the teflon, easy to clean, long lasting cookware set that I can for around $600 at Bed Bath and Beyond.

That should be narrow enough for some specific answers. Please? I'm getting the heat to make a decision.

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  1. Ditch the Calphalon. It's nice to have but if you like to use the dishwasher, it won't last more than 9 months to a year... I mean completely ruined, if you put it in the DW.

    Do you like using your dishwasher to clean pots & pans? Thank you for being realistic! Non-stick and Calphalon (or any anodized cookware) can't be placed in the dishwasher. The dishwasher will literally dissolve the anodized coating right off you pans. Do you like being able to use metal utensils in your pans? Non-stick kind of negates that. The easiest thing to do is buy one, cheap non-stick pan (they wear out anyway so why spend $$$ on expensive non-stick cookware?) You can spend $3000 on a non-stick set and they will still end up in the junk pile after a few years. Buying one pan will eliminate much guilt when you have to toss it after it's worn out.

    My suggestion is buy a set of stainless steel cookware. With you budget, buy regular, plain old All-Clad with the aluminum core. You can drop it off buildings, use it as a sled on wintry days and you can still put it under the broiler, on the stove, onto the table and finally into the dishwasher. It's nearly indestructible and it still looks nice.

    Think about how you cook. Do you really need a non-stick stock pot to boil pasta water in? How about the sauce? Do you really need that non-stick sauce pot to heat up some tomato sauce? If you can throw it in the DW, clean up isn't tedious at all and that = stainless.

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      Don't forget to use some of the 20% off coupons -- if you buy 12 things there, you can give them 12 coupons (even expired ones), no questions asked. $600 worth of gift cards + 20% off coupons = approximately $720 to spend!

    2. I work at Bed Bath and Beyond, Im actually a product knowledge trainer so I am very familiar with the cookware lines we have to offer. The calphalon one line has many benefits to match with it's high price tag. You definately should choose the infused anodized of the two calphalon one choices. With the infused anodized you get the benefits of what a stainless pan can do however you will also get the easy clean up on nonstick. I own a couple pieces of the calph one nonstick and I love it, it really is so easy to clean. I registered for the whole set! and if you do decide to go with the calph one infused anodized, you will be able to use those metal utensils you like and never have to worry about the finish coming off seeing as it is covered with a lifetime warranty. hope this helps alittle with your decision process. :)