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Dec 5, 2008 07:01 PM

good spots in Barbados?

Hi, I'm going to Barbados for the holiday season and i'm looking for restaurant recommendations. I have a 5 year old child so the very tony restaurants aren't really what I'm looking for, just some really good grub without a hefty price tag. Anyone know of any?

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  1. While others will know more, the buffet at Brown Sugar at lunch would probably be fun for a kid--especially on Sunday, when they have steel pan music. It's B$60 per person, so not super cheap, but not super pricey given restaurant prices in general here.

    1. Josefs at St. Lawrence gap is excellent. Bang on the sea. Expensive but good for dinner. Brown Sugar is excellent recommendation for lunch - they have locsal buffet - flying fish is a must plus all Caribbean buffets are heavy on rice and potato - make sure to have the local hot sauce as well. another good night spot is Champers - also on south coast. Calabaza is also good for dinner along the West Coast. Friday night at Oistens is local, cheap, fish fry up with rum and party atmosphere - wear shorts.

      1. Groots, a chattel style restaurant on the West Coast has good food at reasonable prices. Waterfront Cafe in Bridgetown, Cafe Luna on the Soathcost (great sushi on Thursday/Friday) and I second twohey on Oisten's.