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Dec 5, 2008 06:46 PM

Best eats in Montreal?

We're in Montreal (for the first time) until Sunday - any recommendations for restaurants/bakeries/eateries not to be missed? We're staying downtown...

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  1. La Queue du Cheval - A good steakhouse, but expensive.

    Avesta - A good and not too expensive Turkish restaurant. I've heard a few people from Turkey saying it's as close as they've found to authentic in Montreal.

    O Noir - Is a bit pricey, but a totally unique experience. You eat in the dark, and the waitstaff is blind.

    Schwartz's - 3895 St. Laurent. Blvd. Not really in downtown, but it's not too far either. It's a really famous smoked meat place. Not expensive and the food is good.

    La Fau Bourg food court has a good Thai place called Cuisine Bangkok.

    I tried to present you some places that are at a range of budgets and different interests because I'm not sure what you're looking for or what you're willing to spend.

    I thought of these off the top of my head, and my head has yet to get the required amount of coffee needed before it starts working properly, but these should fair decently well.


    Vagabond à la Carte :

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      There's no disputing taste and dog knows that Queue de Cheval has a few fans on this board, but even setting aside my dislike for the place and the food it serves (not to mention that the OP appears to be from Calgary), I have to question recommending a steakhouse that has nothing specifically Montreal about it, that could be in any big city, over any number of places at any number of price points that give an infinitely better idea of what makes this place dear to foodies' hearts. Au Pied de Cochon, La Montée, Joe Beef, Le P'tit Plateau, Raza, Madre, Ferreira, Le Club Chasse et Pêche, Leméac, Laloux, Cocagne, Au Petit Extra, Le Jolifou, Bouchonné, Aszu, Duel, Jun i, La Chronique, Au Cinquième Péché, Le Bouchon de Liège, Cocgane, L'Express, Bouchées Gourmandes, Phô Lien, Milos, Philinos, Kitchenette, La Salle à Diner, L'Amère à boire, La Porte, Graziella, L'Inconnu. Coco Locale, Byblos, Alep, Le Petit Alep, Fuschia, Festin de Babette, Café Myriade, Daou, Lucca, Holder, Bistro Bienville, Kitchen Galerie, La Brioche Lyonnaise, Le Fromentier, Les 3 petits bouchons, Brontë, Ange et Ricky, L Corridor, Tapeo, Pintxo, M sur Masson, Le Bleu Raisin, etc., etc., etc., etc. They all provide something closer to a Montreal experience than Queue de Cheval. And if you insist on a steakhouse, well, at least Moishe's and Gibby's have a modicum of Montreal atmosphere and tradition about them. </rant>

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          Original poster - i.e. the person who started this message thread.

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            So, let me get this straight.

            Do you like the place... or not?


            Vagabond à la Carte :