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Dec 5, 2008 06:34 PM

Noodle Soup at Mitsuwa on Centinela???

Hello Hounds,

Sadly my computer died and I lost my 'food food food' file which is where I kept all hound recs that I hoped to get to one day. Since the temperature has dropped I have been thinking of warm soup and remember reading about a japanese noodle place in the food court at Mitsuwa. I am hoping someone can remind me which one is best & what to order? I vaguely remember reading about a salt broth soup maybe???????

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  1. Santouka. Order the shio toroniku ramen - #7, or #9 if you want large. They close early.

    The place gets mentioned a lot. I'm sure if you did a search for Mitsuwa, it would have turned up.

    1. Yum! Had it today! Open 11am-7:30pm daily. Cash only. Corner of Centinela and Venice. Parking and seating is very crowded during lunch hours, but turnover is fairly quick. Could also park on the street. I love the shio (salt) ramen with special pork on the side. You can choose your broth, size, and sides.

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      1. re: miss chai latte

        thanks for confirming, that's what I thought!

        1. re: miss chai latte

          I have never seen that supermarket sized lot full, either day/lunch or night/dinner time. Have you really had a hard time parking there?

          1. re: Servorg

            Last time I went for lunch I ended up parking on the street. It was very crowded.

            1. re: Bob Brooks

              Yeah I too always have a TERRIBLE time trying to park there.

              I'll refrain from the ethnic jokes about clientele and their driving proclivities (though, and I hate to say it, it certainly feels to be true in that parking lot.....)

              When I get the ramen there, I like getting the set that comes with little ikura atop rice on the side.... mmmm!

            2. re: Servorg

              I've only gone for lunch, both weekday and weekends, and yes, it truly is crowded during lunch. Cars will literally signal for a spot even if they are coming from the opposing direction (against the way the spot is facing). You're lucky if you've not experienced the joy of searching for a spot!

              1. re: Servorg

                You can usually find ample parking on Centinela, directly adjacent to the parking lot. The downside is either walking around the short wall or hopping over it...