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Dec 5, 2008 06:03 PM


So, I just got back from dinner at le Petit Munich, in the West Island - on St. John's - across the street from Loblaws. Dinner was eh - the best part was the bread they served. All different kinds of rolls and bread- the best being a rye (but forget the Jewish rye we know, it's a real honest to goodness 70% rye flour (or maybe even more) bread - dark, with a few walnuts thrown in for good measure- delicious. They had about 10 different varieties of sausages you can order, the usual schnitzels, goulashes and assorted German type foods. Dessert was a choice of slices of cake presented on a platter - the linzer torte was good, the sacher torte horrible (just sweet- that was the only "flavour" you could discern, and yes, I know, sweet isn't a flavour - but trust me, taste this and you'll know what I mean). So dinner was eh. BUT, there is also a bakery attached and they have a rather large selection of german/austrian products (some even with unilingual german packaging - don't tell the OLF) - but the Stollen. Oh the stollen. They have 3 types - the wonderful lady behind the counter rattled off their names in german (sorry, no sprechenzie deutsch here) - but she described them to me as the light one - no marzipan but with quark (huh?), the authentic one - with marzipan and the motherlode - the heavy one with butter etc... Well, I had to go whole hog, and bought the heavy one. We also picked up a loaf of that amazing Rye bread and a pretzel "croissant" - we were there in the evening (duh, yeah, it was dinner time) so I can only imagine the wealth of baked goods when one deigns to go when they open. Big problem with the stollen. Big big problem. OMG it's amazing. Now, I'm no stollen expert - I can judge packi at 20 paces, but stollen -not so much. But this stuff is amazing. The problem?? Well, my diet. Shot to hell in one fell bite. Stupid stupid stollen, why did I have to buy you? See, I hear it calling me as I write this, and I've already had two slices.... damn the stollen.

So, dinner was nondescript, but the bakery part, SO worth the drive out there. YUM. They also have a large array of cookies - even a stollen cookie -that she explained was made with the same dough as the stollen but somehow flattened to be a cookie. Oh God, just call me Kirstey Alley - weight up, weight down, weight up, weight down. Stupid stollen.

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  1. Quark is fresh cheese.

    Do you eat your stollen with rum butter ?

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    1. re: souschef

      No no, I know what quark is- I buy it regularly for hubby - I was just surprised that it was used in a traditional stollen (I am assuming it's tradition, the staff is all german - the products are all german or austrian, the breads are definitely European not North American style). Didn't have any rum butter when I brought my treasure home last night. Will work on it today. LOL - if there's any left in time.

      1. re: maisonbistro

        That place sounds wonderful (I'm studying German, so interested in authentic Mitteleuropaisch foods). Wonderful if there is anyway to get there without a car?

        I tend to go to Boucherie Atlantique, but they don't have such a selection of breads. I'm still missing the organic rye-spelt-hazelnut bread I bought at a German street market.

        1. re: lagatta

          There is Montreal Island public transit in the West Island too, and St. John's (aka St. Jean) is a major street, so yes, you can get to it by bus. Use the interactive route tool and you'll find the way. Probably involves a few bus changes, but if you're determined, you can get there. ;-)

          1. re: kpzoo

            I did the azumut tool at - it is not complicated at all. (from Jean-Talon métro to 4888 boul. St-Jean. Either métro Côte-Vertu /470 express bus Pierrefonds (runs on Saturdays too) or Henri-Bourassa - 69 bus Gouin west, change to 68 bus Pierrefonds. About an hour either way.

            Taking something to read, of course. A cookbook in German a friend in Vienna sent me would be the most appropriate reading matter in this case!

            Though for Stollen, a recent thread also recommended "La Mie matinale" in the Gay Village, near Maison Radio-Canada (Ste-Catherine between Panet and Plessis).

            1. re: lagatta

              I just bought a Stollen at "La Mie Matinale" on Friday but have yet to try a piece...will keep you posted....

    2. Funny,
      I was at the "whole in the wall"/dinner next door (4920 maisonneuve W) to my office and they had Stollen today.

      First time I ate that, so I don't know if it was authentic or not or even home made, but was a good cake nonetheless.