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Dec 5, 2008 05:43 PM

in town for conference

Calling for all the locals...I'm going to be stay at omni for about a week for a conference which means that I will be searching for dinner places. Can you guys recommend places nearby that's not to be missed for this area? Preferably not too expensive (no $100 meals) but I might make it to one nice place at least once while I'm there.

-good pub (pub food and beer)
-thai, indian, malaysian, or any other...
-sushi/sashimi (monk fish liver, uni are one of my favorite things to eat)
-restaurants with esoteric or whimsical menu
-southern comfort food
-steak (perhaps one expensive and one bang-for-the-buck)

Also your favorite places.

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  1. CREME for Southern comfort (*** mushroom appetizer & warm coconut cake.)
    HANKS OYSTER BAR, TACKLEBOX (counter-service), CEIBA (South American-lots of seafood.)

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    1. re: chicken kabob

      I forgot my favorite! MATCHBOX.
      Amazing mini burgers w/ crispy onions and pear or apple(?) salad w/ gorgonzola, nuts, greens. Also popular for pizzas. Speaking of pizza...even though you did not ask for it especially, 2 AMY'S, ELLA's, PIZZERIA PARADISIO.

      Hope this helps. ENJOY!

      1. re: chicken kabob

        Thank you so much, I will be sure to check these out. Are DC pizzas particularly good? I have pizza way too much with co-workers who refuse to eat anything unless it's truly amazing, I'd rather go for something else. Let me know if you think it's not-to-be-missed.

        1. re: baekster

          Two Amy's is special, but not conveniently located. Otherwise I'd skip pizza here. (Matchbox is fine, but not like anything you can't find most any other city, imo.)

          DC has good or very good versions of most of what you asked about. You might search around the board a little more and ask for advice about specific places (there are tons of threads on steak, say). Also, how will you be getting around (car, metro)? I'm blanking on where the Omni is?

          1. re: mselectra

            Omni is at
            2500 Calvert Street NW (at Connecticut Ave.)
            Washington, District of Columbia 20008

            I will have my car (if the hotel doesn't force me to pay for each time I take out the car).

            I know I am being lazy here. :) Fine, I'll be good and search the board.

            1. re: baekster

              Oh I was being lazy myself suggesting you search, but I think you might get more replies, too. You'll be in Woodley Park, right at a metro station (the red line), so will only need to drive if there's someplace out of the way you want to try, in the suburbs or something. (I avoid driving in DC at all costs, but the car is nice for getting good ethnic food in the suburbs.)

              From your hotel you can walk to Cleveland Park (or take the metro one short stop), which has some of CH's favorite places. You'd do well just heading up there and looking around. Since you asked about Italian, you'll see Dino, in Cleveland Park, recommended all the time.

              You didn't request middle-eastern, but also nearby is Mama Ayesha's which is good, comfortable and inexpensive.

              I'm sure you'll get more replies :)

        2. re: chicken kabob

          Creme has received some really bad reviews lately for service.

        3. I have two Chowhound-only suggestions.Both places that feature some of the best cooking you can find in humble surroundings, both in the same neighborhood.

          One is Oohs and Aahs for Soul Food. Located at 10th and U Sts, across from the U St./Cardozo Metro Stop. In front of a tiny kitchen are four stools plus a few tables upstairs. Go for the grilled shrimp, greens, and rice with gravy. Or the lemon pepper wings or the broiled crabcake.

          Thai X-ing at 515 Florida Ave. is unbelievably tiny. Get the red curry salmon and tofu soup.

          If you have a car, maybe you'd like to hit some of the great suburban joints we have here. My favorite is Joe's Noodle House inRockville, which specialzies in Sichuan Xiao Chi (small plates). Try the shreded radish, peanuts with fried baby smelt, and the rice cakes with ground pork.