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Dec 5, 2008 05:25 PM

Mail order sources for dungeness crab?

I have searched chowhound and the greater internet - just hoping that hounds that might have ordered dungeness through the mail recently might guide me. Must have crab. I guess it should be steamed and chilled prior to shipping... Must have reliable source for crab! Help?

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    1. This is an amazing group out of Alaska... This link has all their crab including dungeness.

      1. Sorry for the belated reply, but thank you soooo much! I found a local purveyor - but will keep these recs for the future!!!

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        1. re: saticoy

          and hit/search the SF board - trying to bribe a friend going in January to bring some back - good tips found there for OTC and shipping.

          1. re: hill food

            Heh heh.... I am a native San Franciscan - used to buying my crabs off the boat for ridiculously cheap (at least by comparison) prices...I hit my family and friends up regularly for overnight shipments of Acme bread, care packages of Fra Mani and Boccolone salumi, Trader Joe's stuff, piroshki....I thought crab would be going too far....but maybe NOT!!!!

            1. re: saticoy

              oh god, any bread from SF - I didn't know how good I had it living there. (and not the sourdough - just a basic baguette) even the Safeway house brand beats anything in most cities.

              NY still rules for Bagel and Pizza dough. but Acme, Tassajara loaves...

              ok I'm going to go weep.

              1. re: hill food

                Yah - I have relatives in NJ - and NJ is close enough (comparitively) ....I intentionally book flights home that allow me to hit the bagel shop on the way to the airport, fill 1/2 a suitcase, get home and immediately slice and freeze.

                Openly sobbing at the moment....but I do have dungeness for x-mas, with Acme baguette on the way!