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Dec 5, 2008 04:56 PM

Dinner for two on New Year's

My boyfriend and I will be staying in the city for New Year's, and figured we should probably make dinner reservations now (if not weeks ago). We're looking for some recommendations.

An idea of the sort of places we like - Caracas Arepas Bar and Fette Sau are favorites. We aren't picky eaters, though I don't like Thai and he does not like Indian. We also usually end up at Italian restaurants, so I'd like to stay away from those.

We live on the Upper West Side, but I thought it would be nice to get way downtown for once (east or west). We'd like to stay under $100 for the two of us, not including drinks.

Any ideas would be a big help!

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  1. I'm familiar with Caracas Arepa Bar. I Googled Fette Sau, and it looks to be a restaurant that serves a lot of meat. So I'm not really sure what to recommend for your New Year's meal. Perhaps you could go to an Argentinian steakhouse to cover both the Latin and big-slab-of-meat categories? (Not sure what the best value is in Argentinian steakhouses, though, sorry.)

    I would normally suggest going to Chinatown, because restaurants are always open there. Some restaurants will be closed, but I don't know which ones will or won't be. But since you want reservations, anyway, it's good to look at Open Table. See if this link works for you:

    It's showing 256 total restaurants in Manhattan with availability for two people at or around 7 PM on January 1, 2009, and 445 additional restaurants in Manhattan with no availability. I feel sure all or almost all the "unavailable" restaurants are closed on the 1st.

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      LOVE Caracas as well. Try BarBosso in Nolita. It's a casual brazillian place with delicious food and very reasonable prices (mains are $13-$18). Try the coconut curry chiken or the Fajioda (spelling??) Don't miss the coconut tapioca dessert.

      House at Irving Place is really really romantic and nice. Might be slightly above your budget. Maybe. Not sure if they're doing a NYE prix fixe thing...