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Dec 5, 2008 04:38 PM

Jersey City gift certificate recommendation

Looking to purchase a gift cert for a restaurant as a wedding gift. Couple just moved to JC. They live near Grove St. Hoping a $100 cert will cover dinner.
Any ideas for a nice place in JC?

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  1. For $100, I would suggest the following casual restaurants, all easily accessible for the area requested....The Light HorseTavern, Komegashi Too and Laico's.

    67 Terhune Ave, Jersey City, NJ 07305, USA (Italian) (201) 434-4115


    Some Italian suggestions

    Some lunch selections:

    Some local suggestions:

    1. From what I'm told, here's what you're looking for: OX! Their site is currently down, but it's at 176 Newark Ave in JC. Phone (201) 860-4000. Friends really love this place! or here's one article:

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        Thanks - I have been considering Ox, but without a menu, its hard - maybe we will stop by and pay it a visit!

        1. re: shorts

          I would go with Marco & Pepe, same owners as OX but a little fancier I think,

      2. I agree with the LightHorse Tavern also, but if they like steak, try Edwards - I think the story is that the chef from old homestead opened this place up - have been there a few times, great neighborhood place....have a drink and steak at the small bar in the unexpected cozy downstairs...or hit the bigger dining room upstairs.

        1. Here is a link for an idea of what Ox offers, since the website never works:

          1. Ox without a doubt.

            A poster below suggested that they're owned by the same people who own Marco and Pepe, but I don't think that's the case.

            Regardless, the food is imaginative, the wine list is well thought out, and they actually have a cocktail program. The place is quite special.