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Dec 5, 2008 04:37 PM

Best Eggnog not in a carton but a Bottle- Homemade

from a farm in Ct, Westchester, New Haven, Real thick so I can spend my calories correctly.


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  1. hey nbermas, sorry this is only getting answered now after the holidays, but I haven't been on the oards too frequently as of late. I buy the same glass-bottled farm-produced egg nog every year from the Ronnybrook Dairy. It comes in a large milk bottle-style container with a green cap and appears at specialty and gourmet grocers toward the end of November in the city (I bought it at Zabars this year, but have also seen it at Murray's Cheese). The stuff is incredibly rich, thick, and fresh-tasting. We ran out of rum and started adding Kahlua, instead: and we liked it even better!
    Link to the Ronnybrook Store locator: