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Dec 5, 2008 04:18 PM


so im trying to plan a birthday get together and i saw something about coca online it says its new and has been relaunched i dunno has anyone tried it how is it? and what is the price like i was figuring about 20 bucks a person is that a reasonable estimation?


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  1. I was there last Friday. The team from Globe bistro have taken over Coca and have already redone the menu. They plan to close the place for renovation in Janurary, in the meantime they wanted to be open for the December rush.
    The food was really good: the moorish lamb stew, fritos, cod croquettes, and shrimp with chorizos were standouts.
    I'm thinking closer to $35 per person. I went with people with good appetites, so may not be the best judge.

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      hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm i wanna go now LOL but 35 sounds steep for us since we are all poor LOL