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Dec 5, 2008 03:09 PM

Downtown bars in Midtown East

After time in the LES & EV, I'm moving to Midtown. Any cool bars in the Sutton area with a grittier downtown feel?

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  1. i wouldn't call it "gritty", but Montparnasse (E.51st or 52nd) has a mellow enough vibe, a good crabcake salad, and is a decent place for a meal and a glass of wine at the bar...

    1. Felice wine bar on 64th and 1st above Sutton is a great wine bar (also serves small plates and pastas) that has an almost downtown feel.

      1. I'm not sure what you mean by gritty. Can you give an example of some of the bars you like in EV & LES. Maybe I can come up with a couple of sutton alternatives for you. I just moved out of that hood after being there for 8 years, so I still know many of the bars.

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          Thanks for the recommendations! I guess grittier as in I can wear jeans and old sneaks w/o getting the evil eye. I love a cozy wine bars (Tapeo 29 is my fav), come-as-you are beer bars like DBA, and places like Uncle Ming's (the kinda place where you can get up and dance on the couches).