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Dec 5, 2008 02:29 PM

Where is the best place/pub to watch the Habs in Toronto?

I heard there is a place on College.Anyone know it?


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  1. My girlfriend is a crazy habs fan from MTL, and we found the place to go is Kilgours, 509 Bloor St west.
    Go early though, it's a little small, and gets packed up quickly.

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    1. re: GGM

      How are they watching the games? Do they have Reseau Des Sports (RDS) there? Also, any place outside the downtown area that shows Habs games?

    2. Kilgours is the ONLY place to watch and cheer for the Habs in TO without getting murdered...

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      1. re: Splendid Wine Snob

        It's true.

        Now if bloody Rogers would just add RDS HD to the channel grid.

      2. Kilgour's probably has the best atmosphere due to the other habs fans but it is small and the TVs are not so good and the food stinks...

        Any bar with the Centre Ice Package can show the habs game...

        What part of town are you in???

        1. Wayne Gretsky's, if you want to live up to your name

          1. Leafs fans won't lynch you for wearing a Habs jersey in a Toronto sports bar. Sure, you might take a lot good natured ribbing, but your safety won't be an issue. Honestly.

            How about:

            Location can't be beat. Good food too.

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            1. re: Brain of J

              I can't believe you did not take my comment literally!? Safety is always an issue when it comes to Habs vs. Leafs!