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Dec 5, 2008 02:24 PM

Swanky Bar Near Cambridge Hyatt

Hello folks,

New to the neighborhood and my school is having a formal at the Hyatt in Cambridge tomorrow night. Looking for a swanky bar that is NOT the hotel bar for a drink beforehand that is nearby. We'll all be in tuxedos and formal gowns so I prefer not to look too ridiculously over-dressed for the event. Any suggestions? Thank you kindly, Ozge

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  1. Try Middlesex or Cuchi Cuchi near Central Square.

    1. You could cross the river and go to Alibi at the Liberty Hotel.

      1. Nothing in walking distance, so you really have to cab it, which opens up your options a bit. That dressed up, I'd probably opt for The Bristol, the bar at The Taj, the Oak Bar, the bar at Rialto, Asana at the Mandarin Oriental, Mooo...., maybe the bar at No. 9 Park.

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        1. re: MC Slim JB

          Thanks for the recommendation. I guess if we are cabbing it then we really do have a lot of options. MCSlimJB, of the places you recommended, which is the most fun and the least stuffy? Thanks much!

          1. re: guzelsu

            Hmm, those are mostly luxury-hotel bar/restaurants, so they're all kind of stuffy. If you don't mind being a tad overdressed, some places where people dress up a bit that are less staid include:

            Cambridge: Noir, Dante, OM, Monday Club at UpStairs on the Square, Craigie on Main, Rendezvous in Central Square. They don't get fancy at Green Street, but they treat everybody well (even swells), and the drinks are outstanding.

            Back Bay: Mistral, Sorellina, Citi-Bar, Bar 10, Excelsior, Avila, Davio's, Via Matta.

            Kenmore: Foundation Lounge, Eastern Standard, Great Bay.

            Beacon Hill: Clink/Alibi (best avoided on weekends, when the lines are long and the crowds are frightening), Scampo.

            1. re: guzelsu

              The Bristol isn't super stuffy, altho depending on what time you're thinking, it can be very crowded this time of year. And there's the nice lounge upstairs at Aujourd'hui. You might as well go swanky and a little stuffy since you're so dressed for the occasion.