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Dec 5, 2008 02:09 PM

Where to buy Prime Beef in North Orange County

Does anyone know of a place to buy Prime Beef in North Orange County. I have read a number of recommendations for Hows Market, but the closest one to me is Pasadena.

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  1. During the holiday season, Costco carries USDA Prime grade beef. What cut are you looking for, and what town in "North Orange County" do you mean?

    1. Costco in Cypress usually carries USDA Prime rib eye and filet. Look to the leftmost area of the meat bin. Tried the rib eye a couple times, even overcooked it, & was still clearly better (flavor, marbling, etc) than the lower grade cuts. Felt they were cut a little too thick my liking though (i.e. the rib eye), maybe 1&1/2" to nearly 2" thick. Is that normal?

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        1.5"-2" thickness makes for an idea steak. then again i am an oinker. lols.

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          To cook a thick steak well, brown 30 sec./side in a really hot cast-iron skillet, then finish in a 500-degree oven, turning halfway through. If it's more than 1.5 inches thick or was refrigerator-cold at the start, set the oven to 450 degrees. Check the meat temperature with an instant-read thermometer, and remove the steak to a very warm platter about 6-8 degrees before the "done" reading. (For example, 122-124 degrees for medium-rare.) Cover lightly with foil and let rest in a warm place for 8-10 minutes -- the internal temperature will continue to rise -- while you're finishing the accompaniments. You'll have a crusty, juicy steak, assuming you started with excellent meat and don't overcook it. Whenever possible, salt and wrap loosely at least four hours in advance (a day or two, preferably) to draw water from the meat and concentrate flavors. Leave the steak outside the fridge for an hour or so before cooking unless you like your beef very rare.

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            Folks, we welcome cooking tips on the Home Cooking board, but not on our local discussion forums. We ask that further cooking tips be shared there.


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              On the Costco bandwagon. Look for the steaks packed in the blue trays in either the beef section or a separate open refrigerator case at the end of an adjacent aisle. The Costco in Marina del Rey carries rib eyes and NY strips, but filet mignons can be had as well. I was at Costco a few days ago and did also see boneless prime rib roasts that were Prime. I think the NY strips are still running around $11/lb, rib eyes running a buck or two less.

              Also look in the frozen meats section. The Prime grade rib eyes and NY strips usually appear to be slightly better trimmed. The filet mignon appear to be the same as the refrigerated ones. The marbling is about the same, but the amount of selection with the frozen is usually better than the refrigerated ones. The NY strips are usually about $1/lb more but are well worth it if you're stashing them away in the freezer. I haven't tried the ribeyes but the NY strips are really good. I tried both the refrigerated and the frozen side-by-side and other than the trim (as mentioned earlier), there was no difference in flavor or texture. Both were excellent for the price.

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                thanks for the tip, never thought to look in the frozen meats section.

              2. re: pharmnerd

                Costco also has Prime Grade rib roasts, both bone-in ($7.29/lb) and boneless ($7.989/lb). These were the whole roasts. They also had smaller roasts but they were about $2 more a lb.

                Just got some yesterday.

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                  Good to know on the bone-in roasts. I started to reach for the boneless ones but pulled back at the last second. I'd appreciate an update on how it turned out... Thanks!

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                    I seperated the whole roast in two 3 roasts. we had one last night and it was really good. We usually get the ones from How's and these tasted a little better. Same type of cooking the rib.

              3. I believe Pacific Ranch Market at 7540 E. Chapman in Orange may carry prime beef.

                1. bristol farms has some.

                  1. Wholefoods always has it.