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Dec 5, 2008 01:24 PM

Made in France/Village Imports original owners new store...Gourmet Corner

I received this today which made me happy. Hope the prices are reasonable.

The Gourmet Corner is a retail store that Hugues de Vernou - former owner of
Made in France/Village Imports - is opening Saturday, December 6th, on the Peninsula.

Realizing that YOU miss shopping at his former open warehouse, The Gourmet Corner is the retail store where your favorite gourmet products are available on a daily basis at the best price.

Smaller in size, The Gourmet Corner will be YOUR place; a corner where gourmets meet and communicate. It is a lively casual place that will gradually expand around your tastes, your needs and your expectations.
At The Gourmet Corner you rediscover Les Foies Gras, Les Charcuteries, Les Fromages, The Frozen Corner and... Les Petits Suisses et Les Yaourts!.
It is all about the tasty products you enjoy.

** Saturday, December 6th, The Gourmet Corner opens at 11 am.**
The December hours will be 9 am to 7 pm daily.

The Gourmet Corner is located three blocks south of the Burlingame Train Station. Come and meet us!
873 N. San Mateo Drive - San Mateo, CA 94401
# (650) 340-6370

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  1. Anyone been yet?

    The Gourmet Corner
    873 N San Mateo Drive, San Mateo, CA 94401

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    1. re: rworange

      Will be going on Friday to check it out. I hope prices are in line with sales in the past. By the way, the "old" location has monthly internet sales events but this adds cost of shipping to your order and the prices are 30-40-50% higher than before....not any sort of a "deal".....

      1. re: Pollo

        And they stopped selling a lot of my favorite items.

        1. re: Pollo

          Anything to report?

          Today's email from Gourmet Corner included some prices for favorite items. I'm not up on pricing and hope someone can comment on them.

          * Mustard Fallot 7 oz: $ 2.79
          * Duck Leg Confits (6 pcs): $ 36.89
          * Rillettes du PĂ©rigord (FD): $ 8.99
          * Cassoulet (FD) 30 oz: $ 29.99
          * Saucisson Sec (FD) 12 oz: $ 13.99
          * Lemonades "Le Village", plain or flavored: $ 3.78

          * Camembert "Le Chatelain": $ 9.29
          * Epoisse: $ 16.99
          * Pont l'Eveque "Graindorge" (220 gr): $ 9.99
          * Mamie Nova Yogurts: $ 4.99 (pack of 2, 300 gr)
          * Petits Suisses PLAIN: $ 3.99 (one pack of 6)
          * Petits Suisses FRUIT: $ 4.59 (one pack of 6)

          1. re: Melanie Wong

            I was there over the weekend. They were still setting up some sections (they will be carrying wines, too) but I think everything on Melanie's list was available. It seemed like everything was pretty fresh. (one of my quibbles with the old "sales" was that many items had been on the shelf too long,)

            Prices for the things I am familiar with (my favorite cheeses and charcuterie) were better than at other groceries. And they have that wonderful French yoghurt that comes in earthenware pots, as well as a delicious heat-and-serve fish soup--the same soupe de poisson that used to be served at the Laurel Street Cafe.

            I think I shall like shopping here much better than at the warehouse sales.

            1. re: pilinut

              Was by on Saturday, as pilinut said they're still setting up. Quite a bit of stock in place but bring a healthy amount of green if you're planning on buying much.

            2. re: Melanie Wong

              Melanie, was that "Le Chatelain" the questionably legal stuff with the brand-embossed inner wrapper, or was it the kind with the plain inner wrapper? The former is nice 'n' stinky like camembert out to be, but the latter is on the plain and boring side.

              1. re: teela brown

                Sorry, that's all I know. I haven't been to the store yet.

        2. I just went again last weekend-- they are adding a lot of great items, like Cacao Noel chocolates in 1-lb tubs (an 11-lb box is a bit much for most of us), olive oil by the gallon, and more. Plus they are very open to requests...

          1. I stopped by today and looked around. It is, of course, much smaller than Le Village, but you will still find most of your favorite things.

            One of my favorite things is the Fabrique Delices Smoked Duck Breast. The current retail price at Le Village is $24.80 for one piece (approximately 0.85 lb). At Gourmet Corner the same item is $16.90 / lb.

            Not so hard to decide, eh?

            1. I picked up some of the Mamie Nova coconut yogurt the other day. WOW. Really delicious. Next time I'll have to try all the flavors. $5.99 for two 150g containers.

              Anybody seen this brand elsewhere?

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              1. re: Robert Lauriston

                This is one of the best yogurts I've ever had, but alas, his store is the only place I've found it.

                1. re: Scrapironchef

                  He claims that he is probably the only one the in the US to carry Mamie Nova yogurt. I bought some today and he noted that Le Village does not carry them anymore -- too much trouble. The Milk Pail in Mountain View also carries them, but they get them from Gourmet Corner. $7.29 for the pair at the Milk Pail and I bought the only two I found there on Sunday.

                  Prices were better at Le Village but availability was limited to the open warehouse sales. And darn you Robert, there were very few yogurts left when I got there today. :-) Not to worry another shipment is due to arrive by air soon. I love the coconut flavor along with the poire William (not sure if that's still made).

                2. re: Robert Lauriston

                  Tried a bunch more Mamie Nova yogurt flavors.

                  Coconut is in a class by itself, really worth the price. Cerises griottes (sour cherry) is great. Pineapple-passion fruit and apricot were good. I would not buy Pomme d'Amour (candy apple). They also had rhubarb, which I neglected to pick up.

                  1. re: Robert Lauriston

                    The rhubarb is very good, if you like rhubarb.

                3. I really like The Gourmet Corner. The owner is very nice. They have a wine selection as well as so many of the French goods that are hard to find elsewhere without paying through the nose. Some of my favorites are the charcuterie and sausages (Rosette de Lyon salami, Toulouse sausages), mustards in many different flavors (we got the Edmund Fallot green peppercorn which was really yummy), several brands of cornichons, loads of cheeses, and of course, the yogurts that others have mentioned. The only place I've seen such variety is Draeger's, but that store is pretty pricey.

                  When we were there about a month ago, the owner told me they're hoping to open a wine and cheese tasting bar later this year, perhaps in the summer.

                  The Gourmet Corner
                  873 N San Mateo Drive, San Mateo, CA 94401