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Dec 5, 2008 01:02 PM

what are the best salamis you have had recently??

imports and domestic. kosher and non kosher. i think oscar mayer hard salami is outstanding.

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  1. Any of the dried meats at DiPalos in Little Italy in NYC.

    1. Romanian Kosher Sausage in Chicago makes the best Salamis IMHO - I have many but none better than Romanians

      1. garden of eden (eden gourmet) in South Orange NJ has a huge selection of salami's and all sorts of dried meats....little pricey but very tasty

        1. If you're near a Hungarian butcher who prepares, cures and smokes on premises try Hungarian Salami. They will also stock Imported Pic brand Salami.

          In Ontario we also have Noah Martins Summer Sausage from Heidelburg near Kitchener/Waterloo. It's cured like Salami but also smoked. It's drier and slightly crumbly with a very intense flavour. The same or better is available at Amish and Mennonite farmgates both here and in the States.

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            I'm down with the Fra Mani salame rosa. It's a cooked salami, but it's delish. I also like Daniele sopressatta.

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              The Hungarian brand is Pick, actually, and it's wonderful stuff. All the Russian stores in Boston sell it.

            2. I'm not a fan of salami. I recently had some very good chorizo left over from a risotto, and it wasn't .. delicious. too paprika/lemony.

              However, kabanos, I always have space for.

              One last thing, in the UK, there's this Pizza Express roma premade pizza that uses a "pepperoni paste". It's fantastic. I went off of pepperoni after eating domino's etc with nasty bitter chunks of meat swimming in their orange fat. But the paste - oh boy.

              And you're guaranteed peperoni in every bite!