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Dec 5, 2008 12:56 PM

Dinner post-elopement in Cape Cod

We have booked an elopement package at the Captain's House Inn in Chatham, which is alleviating my stress considerably as the inn keeper's have already taken care of most of the details. So our final decision is what restaurant to go to after the ceremony?

Some suggestions that the innkeeper has made are:

Circadia Bistro
The Red Pheasant
Captain Linnell House

Right now we are leaning towards Abba (because the food sounds very interesting compared to the others) or the Red Pheasant (because a co-worker loves this place).

Any thoughts or other suggestions?
Thanks so much in advance!

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  1. What time of year? I love Red Pheasant but find I am always cold there in the Winter (the only time I seem to dine there actually). Linnell is charming. My friend had her wedding there...we have dined many a holiday there as well. Abba is funky and fantastic. I do not find the dining too too romantic but love it. Do not know CB.

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      1. re: luci

        It will be the first weekend in January.
        Thanks for the suggestions so far!

      2. The best meal I've ever had on the Cape -- and probably the most romantic setting as well -- was at the Bramble Inn in Brewster. A very special, intimate place.

        The Red Pheasant is nice, especially if you can get a table by the fireplace. The food at Abba is quite interesting, and I really like Gracie's Table for tapas. But for a special occasion such as this, I'd go with the Bramble.

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          Is Bramble open Jan.? If so that is a great idea. Gracie's is very dark and not suited to an elopement dinner IMHO. I have enjoyed the bar on several occassions with tapas. Red Pheasant would be romantic but bring a sweater..I am chilled there often.