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Dec 5, 2008 12:56 PM

Ruth Chris??

Haven't been to Ruth Chris in years. Anyone been lately? Thinking of the Princeton location. Are the steaks still top quality? Celebrating a couple of birthdays and everyone is in the mood for a great steak.

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  1. charmel- i was at the midtown location recently and it was good, as usual. i heard the princeton location has a grand opening special- something like filet and lobster for $45. let me know how it is, i have never been to the princeton location.

    1. We've been to the Princeton location about five times since they opened. The place is always busy so call ahead for a res'v!

      Overall, the steaks are consistantly very good, if you like sizzling hot, butter coated steaks. The tables in the dining room are well spaced and the service is consistantly good. We've also enjoyed dinner at their bar and adjacent bar room where it's first come first served.

      The turnoff for some here is the price. With ala carte pricing, expect to pay more here than another very good local steak place - KC Prime on Quakerbridge Road.