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Dec 5, 2008 11:42 AM

Farm made Real Eggnog in Glass bottles New Haven County

Tis the season and I love it once a year and all the calories. Going towards New Haven ares on Saturday and want to get some any suggestions? Happy Holidays!

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  1. Smyth's Dairy at the Wooster Square Farmers' Market, from 9am-1pm.

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    1. re: harrie

      Have you had their eggnog? I am so happy becaus eI have only been to this market once and I loved it but never in the wi nter. What else should i get there?

      1. re: nbermas

        >>>Have you had their eggnog?
        No, I don't do the 'nog.

        >>>>What else should i get there?
        Whatever you want. Walk around and take a look at stuff.

    2. Can't remember the name but both Bishop's in Guilford Rt. 1 & Roberts in N. Madison Rt. 80 sell a local brand the comes in old fashioned glass milk botlles. it's about $6.99 a qt and it is WONDERFUL.

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        Thank you for the Bishop's and Roberts offerings. There used to be a Burr Dairy in Clinton, many long years ago. Their old glass bottles are treasured, although the dairy doesn't exit any longer. We'll look for this offering.

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          Once upon a time, there used to be able to get the best Egg Nog in Ct. at Shady Glen Dairy Stores in Manchester, But the State of Conn. Shut them down because they used a (cold process) of making home made Egg nog. And now with all the health concerns the eggs and milk now have to be pasteurized. Which ruins the rich flavor and the old fashioned thickness that set aside there Egg nog from anyone else's. That's the price we have to pay for progress! Earle Ct.

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          Not sure if this was the same one 'debvil' was referring to but for those that are nuts about the nog: The Mountain Dairy of Storrs is the glass-bottled beauty at Bishop's Orchard Market.

          I'm a sucker for quality nog and you need not tell me a story about pampered cows that get their udders massaged cause you've got a sale with this guy either way! Mountain Dairy's is full flavored yet not spiced or texturally "plain and heavy" like some of the usual suspects(I suppose from not having any unnecessary evil ingredients?). I'm the first to usually make a nog all boozy but all of this has been joyfully consumed straight up.

          Enjoy this nog thread Ms.Kattyeyes directed fellow Hounds to:

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            That's it. Haven't seen it at Robert's yet this year though.

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              Oooh, thanks. My colleague just shared with me they sell this at Highland Park Markets (Manchester/Glastonbury/Farmington).