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Dec 5, 2008 10:58 AM

I need help... I need steak... CHEAP!

I live in Leesburg. I love to eat steak. I have searched this board over and over for two words. STEAK. CHEAP. It is Christmas time and with five children I am trying to watch my budget. I still need that thick, bloody piece of beef, though! So anyone who can help me out would be great! I am willing to drive as far as Tysons. Hole-in-the-wall welcomed!

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  1. Original Steak House in Ashburn (Broadlands- corner of Claiborne and Broadlands Blvd) has great steak for a "lower then Morton's higher than Sizzler" price and KIDS EAT FREE ON WEDNESDAYS!

    1. I have searched high and low for a great 'bistec a la pobre' (poorman's steak), and I finally found a winner at Luzmilla's in Falls Church. A true hole-in-the-wall Bolivian place that serves huge platters of food for about $12 each. I can't guarantee this will be as thick as you want, but it is very delicious and was a hit at a Chowhound meal with 6 others.

      1. I assume you are looking for a restaurant where you can order prepared steak, and I can't help. But for buying steak, the best I have found is at Costco.

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          For true cheapness, I would agree with Denise and buy it and cook it at home. Especially with 5 kids, it might be nice for all of them to help out with the meal too.

          You also might want to look for "steak nights" in your area, when the steak dinner is cheaper on some nights (say Tuesday?) versus others (Friday). Good luck.

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            El Grande Supermarket in Springfield occasionally carries full, uncut hanger steaks (5-7lbs). Trim the sinew and you can cut them into 6-8 generous servings of rich, tasty beef. Season with salt and pepper and pan sear or grill. Tastier than sirloin, cheaper than what you'd find at a steakhouse, and you cook it the way you want.

            Barring that you may want to check your local Mexican/Salvadorean restaurant and see how much they're charging for bistec encebollado.

        2. Wow I am kind of shocked no one has suggested Rays The Steaks yet in Arlington...I realize Arlington is a little further than Tysons but Ray's is worth the drive. By far the best steak for the money in the DC Area.

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          1. re: skeee33

            Hint #1 FIVE kids.
            Who wants to wait outside Ray's with 1kid, let alone five.
            Hell, try going home to the mother after doing Ray's, alone........
            Maybe he can get a baby sitter, but the drive to and from Ashburn will just add on gas to that CHEAP meat thrill in the unrelenting traffic.
            So, go buy steak, cook outside on grill, put on some cartoons or do blockbuster for a Disney, and savor at home. That is cheap, and you can share with Mommy.

          2. The original comment has been removed