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Dec 5, 2008 10:57 AM

brunch/early lunch near the castle

I'm taking a friend to a birthday lunch prior to some shopping at the Bazaar Bizarre at the castle (arlington and columbus) on Sunday. Where is somewhere (not very fancy) nearby that would be easy and tasty to take her?

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  1. Aquitaine has an amazing brunch - make reservations. It is very affordable. The mac and cheese is killer.

    1. Is the Joe's still at Dartmouth St? I thought they used to be a decent option for brunch in the area, if you aren't looking for something too fancy or high-end.

      1. Tremont 647 is famous for their Pajama Brunch where the staff all wear their pj's! food is simple/interesting and delicious in an attractive friendly atmosphere. 10-12 minute walk from The Castle. Aquitaine is also great for brunch (French bistro food). Both places are on Tremont 3 blocks apart. I'd suggest you check out menus on their websites.