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Dec 5, 2008 10:50 AM

Shortbread cookies at the Farmer's Market

I was in town from DC last month and was able to stop by the wonderful farmer's market at the Ferry Building. While there I bought a shortbread cookie topped with caramel, sea salt and chocolate. The vendor was on the side of the builiding and was some sort of non profit that helped women start small businesses, I believe.

Oh dear god, that cookie was good. Can anyone help with the name of the vendor?

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  1. I believe the vendor table is La Cocina and the cookie maker is Clare's Squares.

    1. Yes, Clairesquares. Amazing. I've seen them at Bi-Rite Market in the Mission and at the Sundance Kabuki theater concession stand.

      1. I'll be there next weekend. Do you want me to find out if they ship?

        1. Oh, I'm a fellow addict! Here's Claire's website, she does ship:

          1. They're also not difficult to make- a basic "millionaire's shortbread" cookie!

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              They sell her stuff at Avedano's. I though it was basically like eating bites of white sugar and nothing else.