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Dec 5, 2008 10:30 AM

Ethnic casual dinner between Newport and Laguna

Is there a non-sushi/Italian/American/seafood/fine dining/burger pan-Asian/Indian or other ethnic restaurant of high food quality for a dinner with a friend north of Laguna and south of Newport? THX!

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  1. Wow-- that's a pretty teensy window. You're basically limiting yourself to Corona del Mar and Newport Coast.

    That said, it's a zone very light on the places you're seeking. High-income ZIP codes don't attract alot of indie ethnic joints.

    My pick for ethnic would be Bamboo Bistro-- Thai-Viet type fusion
    2600 E Coast Hwy, CdM
    (949) 720-1289

    If you're serious about finer dining, there's Mastro's, Javier's and Sage at Crystal Cove Promendae (Newport Coast). And in CdM on PCH, Oysters, Bandera, The Bungalow. I would avoid Landmark ... but Crow Bar Kitchen is a fave-- but noisy when busy.

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      OCBites, thanks, you're absolutely right that it's tiny, and not high in anything other than finer dining options, but I am unfamiliar with your choice and thus it is now the frontrunner for next week's dinner! Thanks!

    2. To OCBites' list I'd add - Rothschilds in CDM, Zov's Bistro Newport Coast(San Jacquin and Newport Coast Dr).