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Dec 5, 2008 10:23 AM

Providence Dinner Party Suggestions

I am interested in having a 15-20 person dinner party at a venue which is fun, and appropriately priced for college students. Any sugestions?

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    1. How about Cuban Revolution on Valley St in Olneyville? I'm going to a Christmas party there on Thursday -- will let you know how it went.

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        1. any ideas about type of cuisine? I completely disagree with Rick's Roadhouse. It's a fun environment but the food is terrible. A place for drinks only.

          1. I would suggest Fire and Ice at the Providence Place Mall. Everyone choose their own food from the cold (i.e. veggies, pasta, rice) bar and raw bar (i.e. shrimp, chicken, etc) and then it is grilled in the middle of the restaurant for everyone to watch.
            The cost is about $15 per person.

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            1. re: sarahbeth

              while i also disagree about rick's, i vehemently object to fire & ice, and especially to cuban revolution. fire & ice is a mall trap, not a place that reflects or embodies local culture or cuisine. CR is a dump. i'd just as soon spread governmet peanut butter on a shoe sole and call it a day.
              taqueria pacifica in as220 on empire can accomodate a crowd, esp with advanced notice. very affordable & owned and operated by two young people who really put their hearts into it. for a fun and "interactive" dining experience, i've heard some buzz @ a new japanese place just off elmwood ave in cranston, just over the pvd line. it's called ebisu, and they don't focus (or even offer, from what i hear) on sushi, rather the very traditional dishes like yakitori and shabu-shabu. if anyone's been, i'd love to hear your thoughts. i'm anxious to try it!

              1. re: sarabean

                Went to that holiday party at Cuban Revolution (Valley St) and I have to say I was disappointed by the food. The room was lovely, the staff really attentive and nice, the drinks good, but .... I really wanted to like the food more. My workplace booked the entire restaurant for the night, so perhaps I shouldn't judge it based on buffet food. The desserts were good.

                1. re: ccferg

                  Cuban Revolution is awful. Worst cuban sandwich i have ever had. awful.

                2. re: sarabean

                  Ditto on fire & ice as well. Taqueria pacifica is an excellent rec. Fantastic dirt-cheap food. Can't go wrong, esp for college students.

                  1. re: dagwood

                    Agree on Taqueria Pacifica and that reminds me that I need to get back there some day.

                    1. re: Jenkins

                      Everyman Cafe @ American Locamotive ....Good and very affordable

                  2. re: sarabean

                    I haven't been to Ebisu either, though I'm very interested because it's so close to me! It's actually on Pontiac Ave in Providence though, right at the beginning, where Pontiac meets Reservoir Ave near the Ocean State Job Lot and the exit for Rte 10. For those who knew Lemi's BBQ, this is their old space. Unfortunately, Lemi's was closed when I moved to the neighborhood and remained empty until a month or so ago when Ebisu opened. Hate to say it, but they seem to be very deserted when I go by, so those of you thinking about checking it out should probably do so now! It looks like a nice place inside.

                    1. re: sandsonik

                      phooey to me, i still haven't made it over to ebisu. their menu looks fairly strong, but i'm no expert when it comes to authentic japanese. i notice there seems to be no parking, perhaps that gives the appearence of being desserted? on the other hand, it seems we're all feeling a bit desserted lately... go out, spend money!!! it will work out for all of us in the end!!

                      1. re: sarabean

                        Ebisu is quite good (I posted about it on our GCPVD blog) and there *IS* a parking lot there. It a refreshing change for the area and it's quite good, so I hope they make it!

                        It's also a great place for college students. Inexpensive, modestly sleek, and easy to find. There was a group of about 8 students there the last evening I was present.

                        - Garris
                        Greater City Providence Urbanism Blog (
                        )- Garris

                        1. re: Garris

                          thx garris, ur always a weath of info! going to check out ur blog right now, and hopefully to check out yakitori soon!