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Dec 5, 2008 10:02 AM

Private Room at Nice Restaurant for Holiday Lunch Party?

My company wants to have a holiday party at a restaurant here in Austin.

We are looking for:
-a private room for ten people
-very classy
-price doesn't matter
-open for lunch

Can anyone recommend anything??? We've got TRIO at hte Four Seasons and Siena on our list right now.

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    1. The Belmont has a room they cordon off w/ curtains. Very nice

      1. I've only been to Siena once, but I enjoyed it a lot. I would recommend that you go for dinner instead of lunch, as the dinner menu has more appetizers (I am a fool for appetizers) and more variety in general. I see that the bar opens at 5 and they have appetizer specials at that time, then they start dinner service at 6, so you could do dinner without making it a late night.

        I also see on the website that they do special menus on occasion. That might be a nice option for your group.

        My only disappointment there was the wild boar ragu, I thought it was too sweet. Maybe I caught them on a bad night.

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          Green Pastures might fit the bill. Private rooms, classy, expensive and open for lunch.

        2. Mirabelle; private rooms, open for lunch, always makes the "top ten" list of good places in Austin.

          1. Jaspers at the Domain has a nice private for lunch, too.