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Dec 5, 2008 10:01 AM

searching for new (or old)BYOB in Bucks County

Been going to the same places for a long time. Need ideas for new BYOB or places that have been around we might be forgetting. Go often to Rouget, Florentino's, No 9 (Lambertville counts as Bucks county to us).
Any suggestions? Trying to keep the prices reasonable, if possible.

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  1. What about Manon in Lambertville? Has the place on River Road that used to be Marcelo's re-opened yet? There's also a good Italian BYO up in Peddlar's village (name escapes me for now --might even be Villagio), and we like Just Eats in Buckingham.

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      The place on River Road that used to be Marcella's recently re-opened as Francisco's. We ate there a couple of weeks ago. The food was good, if not particularly creative. It's pretty much the same as it was as Marcella's, because it is one of the same chefs. The service could use a little work. It was kind of unprofessional.

      If you like Indian, I've been impressed with Indian Garden in Yardley, in the Giant/McCaffrey's shopping center.

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        I think it is Villagio, and Just Eats has been closed for quite a while.

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          JustEats was sold to a young chef and is operating as the Copper Leaf Grill. There is a thread on this board about them.

      2. The Summer Kitchen in Wrightstown is an excellent BYOB. Probably my favorite restaurant in Bucks County period.

        1. How about Basile's in Perkasie? Portions are large enough that we always have at least a lunch to take home. And, our grandkids love the place!

          1. Rouget in Newtown is awesome. Be sure to make reservations. During the week they have a 3 course tasting menu for around $40.

            1. Rylei, a very fine BYOB on Frankford Avenue in Mayfair, just closed. On Thursday (12/11), it's supposed to reopen in Mallard Creek shopping center in Richboro. Google the LaBan review.

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                I am so glad you posted about Rylei, I went to its Mayfair location and loved it. I am so glad it is moving (it was a haul to get out there!).