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Dec 5, 2008 09:41 AM

Visiting San Diego and lookig for restaurant suggestions

I will be in SD early in January and staying at the Manchester Grand Hyatt at the Convention Center -- what is the most interesting food within walking distance?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Hi search Gaslamp and you will have lots of ideas... I do like Candelas..but you need to narrow down what type of place you are looking for.. also Red Pearl...

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          Nobu San Diego inside the Hard Rock Hotel is really nice. I went there a few months ago and the service was good. Nice ambiance also. Try their black cod with miso.
          Italian :Acqua Al 2 - They only have one other location in Florence.

        2. How far are you willing to walk? Are you open to short cab rides? Hyatt is at the Gaslamp Quarter which has dozens of restaurants, but it is pretty tourist/convention oriented ... hope you have an expense account! As the other posters have said, give us some guidance on cuisines and how far you are really willing to travel! Asking for "interesting food" has piqued my interest ...

          1. Sorry -- I was not intending to be obtuse in asking for "interesting food." I meant that I was open to anything that was well prepared: a bistro steak and frites; fish tacos; sea food; etc. It is the quality of the experience -- which is not necessarily the same as white table clothes.

            I hope that this helps.

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              ddg...I think the lack of response is most likely a function of "question fatigue". This is probably the single most asked question on this board. Do a simple board search for "Gaslamp (or even Gaslight as it's often mis-identified), Convention Center, Downtown". Tagging SD or San Diego onto it will turn up hundreds of threads on this very topic.

              Sometimes it's only a matter of scrolling down the current page...

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                Thanks for the clarification - DiningDiva is right, there are dozens of postings regarding the Gaslamp area. There have always been great restaurants down there but IMHO you won't get much local flavor, and will pay more too. Eating on the patio at Prado in Balboa Park is my idea of "fine" dining in SD, and they have a great happy hour. Try taking a cab up to North Park for Urban Solace or the Linkery for a taste of SD's neighborhood du jour - I mean that in a good way. (You can't hail a cab in this town so you'll have to call for a cab to take you back. Yellow Cab is my standard - 619-234-6161.) Hawthorne's was good too but just changed hands and I haven't been there since the new owners took over. California Cuisine in Hillcrest does nice job. If you want real local color my neighborhood standby is El Cuervo taco shop at the corner of 1st & Washington. You might really enjoy going out to Ocean Beach and trying one of the spots on Newport - Hodad's for burgers or South Beach for fish tacos. Or walk out onto the pier and have breakfast in the cafe there. The Mission in Mission Beach is great for brunch. The Fish Market is walking distance from your hotel and is a great place for seafood, I'm partial to sitting outside at sunset for martinis & oysters.