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Dec 5, 2008 09:32 AM

I am new and I need to take a visitor someplace amazing!!! Help!!!

I am new to the area and I have a friend coming to visit me tonight and she has never been to LA. She wants to go out to dinner to someplace super trendy and very "L.A." (maybe celebrity ridden). Also wants Euro fare (Italian/French) and nice but ideally not bank-breaking. I need help!!! All the hip places I've know of supposedly have bad service and worse food - Dolce, Ivy, etc. I live in near Robertson/Pico so someplace in Beverly Hills would be amazing!!!!

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  1. My first thought was Pizzeria Mozza...but you probably won't be able to get a reservation there tonight. Maybe Comme Ca on Melrose near La Cienega? That area is super trendy right now.

      1. How about news cafe? (not sure of spelling) further down on robertson, accross from the Ivy... I had the grilled artichoke and burger and they were good. Def. trendy place.

        1. Nobu? Madeo? Polo Lounge? XIV?

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            I second Nobu, super trendy, lots of celebrities go there. Matsushisa is another celebrity hang out.

            Have you considered Spago? Spago will always represent California foo-foo cuisine to me, although there are a lot of Wolfgang Puck spinoffs now. Not sure if it's good for celebrity sightings, at one time it was a celebrity mecca.

            Do you like Seafood? Crusteceans in BH, Puff Daddy and entourage was once spotted eating there.

          2. I have eaten at the Ivy on Melrose This restaurant is very trendy, great food, hip and very L.A. During the summer they have 1/2 off on Monday nights. You might want to call, and see if it is still available. i love this place, it has it all. You need a reservation.