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Dec 5, 2008 09:05 AM

Downtown Nashville Good Eats

I am staying at the Renaissance Hotel and need recommendations for good BBQ, Southern dining and breakfast places nearby. Thanks.

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  1. Jack's barbecue on Broadway is your closest, and is pretty good. The Standard on 8th Avenue is wonderful and Southern-ish, if by southern you mean pork,bourbon and home-cooked food. And it's in an old townhouse, one of the only ones remaining from that era. For breakfast or a cheap lunch, Sevala's at 7th and Union has good eats plus Serbian specialties. You'll rub elbows with the legislative types from across the street.

    1. I agree with fluffernutter. While Jack's is not the BEST bbq in Central TN it is quite respectable and it's an enjoyable room. There are some interesting lunch spots in the arcade on 5th a couple of blocks above Broadway and I always like lunch at the Country Music Hall of fame. It's run by the folks who have the Loveless Cafe and the fare is interesting and well prepared. Plus roving guitarist Dave Anderson is a living Nashville Landmark, the archiecture is notable and it has one of the better gift shops in the city.

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        Hall o Fame cafe is a great suggestion. Food's very good, surroundings are nice, gift shop is great, and while you're there, themuseum is interesting (and I don't even like country music). The Arcade is also a good suggestion: the city's first shopping "mall" -- about 100 years old.

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          What about the new Cooper Kettle location in the old Sole Mio.....might not be an easy walk but would be a cheap cab ride and I've heard good things about the new location. Good selection of sandwiches, salads, and the ever Southern meat-and-three. They're also known for their Sunday brunch if you're here on Sunday. This location also has its liquor license which is nice.