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Dec 5, 2008 08:58 AM

Good value tasting menu?

Looking for some good value tasting menus, esp. with wine parings someplace around town. Prefer less fish (rules out O Ya) and someplace not uncomfortably crowded & loud. Was thinking Lumiere in Newton?
Thanks hounds!
(p.s.- I know about Oleana veg mezze option)

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  1. Craigie on Main (fka Craigie Street Bistrot) does a "Chef's Whim" on Sundays after 9, $40 for four courses, $55 for six. Consistently outstanding, it gets my vote for best tasting menu QPR in the city. (Prices don't include wine.)

    Runner up:

    Ten Tables' Tuesday wine dinners - $42 for four courses with wine pairings. It sports perhaps a less rigorous cooking technique than Craigie, but is still very good, and again there's no arguing with the value.

    1. EVOO has a great tasting menu on the weekends that, at least last year, was an excellent value.

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        Banq in the South End has 3 courses for $55.