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Dec 5, 2008 08:54 AM

The restaurant Cheech talks about in today's Times

In today Times, Cheech talks about a restaurant on Pico that you "have to know the guy to get in". He says it's white with a sign from 5 restaurants ago. I think he is talking about the one next to the westside pavilion. I've walked past it before and never really thought about it. He claims it is the place to go for wine. Does anyone have any more info on this secretive place?

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  1. It might be Totoraku aka Teriyaki on Pico. However I believe its byob.

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      1. re: zappaman

        it is without question totoraku, unless there are two of these types of restaurants on pico, and that is not the case. the owner reallys loves wine too. so that's why it's a wine place too.

      2. re: mdy79

        Went there on monday, It was my 2nd time. Just as good as I remembered.
        The meal was pretty much the same as the first time except for a couple things.
        The appetizer platter had a couple different things on it. I think we ate more food this time, it was all so good we had to get a second round of one of the ribeyes and of the filet. Also there was a soup this time that we didnt get the first time.
        Oh and this time I had to pay.

        All in all still amazing, and cant wait to save up some money to go back. It is byob, but the chef loves his wine and has empty bottles lining the walls that probably cost a lot more than the meal there. Last time we went we brought a bottle per a person and shared our best with the chef.

        Is that artiacle on line zappaman?

        1. re: ldodb

          hey ldodb,

          how do we snag a reservation there? or rather how did you do it?

          1. re: kevin

            I got lucky and it turned out I knew a regular who invited me to join him the next time he went. Thankfully Kaz invited me back.

            1. re: ldodb

              how much was your bill not including wine of course: $150 per???

                1. re: ldodb

                  jesus, that is even more expensive than i though. urasawa at 250 a pop now sounds like quite the bargain.

                  have u been to urasawa for purposes of a slight comparison.

                  oh, and do you happen to have the direct reservation line number for Totoraku?


                  1. re: kevin

                    I guess it is cheaper than a flight to Japan but I did not think this place was worth $200 per person at all, other than foodie bragging rights

                    1. re: kevin

                      I recently was at Urasawa with a friend of mine who also joined me at Totoraku. Urasawa was $300pp before tip we got a bottle of sake and all said and done with tip everything came out to about $450pp. Overall I enjoyed both immensely, my friend felt like Urasawa was a bit overpriced while still a great experience and was much happier with Totoraku. Urasawa I cant see myself going to more than once every few years if that while Totoraku I hope to make it back at least 2-3 times a year. But thats just me... As far as the reservation line, I dont feel right giving it out here, but you can search for it online and it will come up. Good luck.

                      1. re: ldodb

                        i had a feeling no one would give out the reservation number here. but i had to ask anyway, right?

                        and i guess i'm wrong on the price urasawa would still be at least double the price.

                        did u ever try Masa in New York as a point of comparison or Ginza Sushiko when masa takayama was still in beverly hills.