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Dec 5, 2008 08:31 AM

Food for the Sick?

I am sick. My head feels like someone filled it full of wet sand-every possible cavity. My throat hurts and my chest is tight. I am exhausted, and I have to be at work, cause, well, its WORK. Wimps call in sick.

Anyhow, My husband has been made aware that he's letting me go to town at Menchie's (by the way, a new one is opening soon in Sherman Oaks on Ventura), but where do we go for an "I'm sick, dammit" dinner before?

Chanpon at Kyushu?
Chili my Soul?


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        1. I'd get takeout too.

          The tom yum and seafood soups from Krua Thai are my best "I have a cold and need something hot and spicy to clear my chest and sinus passages" option. But that requires driving there.

          For takeout, I just had some hot and sour soup from Bamboo Forest on Burbank (just east of Kester). It's the best Chinese hot and sour soup I've found in the Sherman Oaks/Encino/Van Nuys area.

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          1. re: Jwsel

            Is it better than Hong Kong 88?

            1. re: Depage

              I prefer Bamboo Forest's hot and sour soup to Hong Kong 88's. Bamboo Forest's has the right amount of tang for me. At times, it could have more spice, but generally it has a good balance between the hot and sour sides. Hong Kong 88's seemed pretty bland by comparison.

              I find most of the other dishes I get from Bamboo Forest to be superior to Hong Kong 88's.

              1. re: Jwsel

                Never been to Bamboo Forest (not sure where Hong Kong 88 is), but I stand by the hot and sour soup at China Lites, which is on Laurel Canyon at Chandler. good spice, good tang, just like back east.

          2. To kill bad germs and restore healthy intestinal flora, I recommend raw garlic and fermented cabbage (sauerkraut and/or kim chee). Chicken soup should also help.

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            1. re: Dogbite Williams

              So maybe going for some Korean food and chowing down on Banchan? Where should I go?

              1. re: Depage

                Sorry for the delay. I hope you are better by now.

                In the Valley, I like Pine Tree (8322 Reseda, just north of Roscoe) and Duk Su Jang (SE corner of Sherman Way and Van Nuys Boulevard).