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Pata Negra Ham in Toronto (?Portuguese)

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The famous version is the Jamon Iberico from Spain - which IMO is the best ham in the world. However prices in Toronto are about double those in the US (and quadruple those in Spain) and I don't plan on risking illegal importation. I need enough for about 10 servings.
Nevertheless, the same animal (Black Hoofed Pig) also exists in Portugal so it occurs to me that a 'similar' product may well be available at some of the Portuguese stores in Toronto.
Does anybody know of a retail source for Pata Negra ham - probably Portuguese but any other countries also welcome (excluding Spain as I'm probably aware of most of the local outlets for jamon Iberico of several qualities - and too-high prices).

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    1. re: e8ghtmileshigh

      My issue is that the current retailers are charging a ridiculous amount for the 'Iberico' product. That's why I'm looking for a 'close' substitute. I have seen the Portuguese version in the past (I think - certainly it was a cheaper version) but can't track it down.
      The irony is that BEFORE the Iberico became 'legally' available it was available in T.O. for far less money. But those sources have 'dried up'.

      1. re: estufarian

        Scheffler's in STLM?
        $20 for 100g.

        1. re: Suresh

          Their's is Spanish - and far more expensive than the Portuguese. I need 10 servings!

          1. re: estufarian

            Also, i just realized that its not the not the acorn fed ham, my bad!

            1. re: Suresh

              I already knew that too; but I didn't specifically ask for the Bellota version (which incidentally is also made in Portugal).