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Dec 5, 2008 07:52 AM

High-End, Destination Restaurant

Hi -- Toronto guy here. I'm looking to give a thank-you gift to a client in Boston and was wondering if some folks could recommend some really good restaurants in Boston, preferably near the south end. Some place special.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Clio is an elegant , innovative,expensive and very well regarded place. It is near enough to the South End(10 min walk or so.) Aquitaine is a handsome authentic French bistro in the heart of the So.End. Many CHs may steer you to Hammersley's but I have never been impressed there.

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    1. re: opinionatedchef

      Thanks for the suggestions. Much appreciated.

    2. Clio, #9 Park, O Ya would be my suggestions. If yo're willing to go to Cambridge I'd highly recommend Craigie on Main.

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        I was thinking of Clio as well for the chef's table. These all look great though. I'd love to try that O Ya. The menu looks phenomenal. Thanks for the suggestions.

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          I suspect the omakase at O Ya would be an unforgettable dinner-gift

      2. O Ya is, IMO, the best dining experience in Boston by a long shot. After that, #9 Park or Craigie.

        1. If you do want to stick with the South End, Icarus is another fine place.

          1. If I were gifting right now... the new L'Espalier would be my choice for a "high-end, some place special" place in Boston. Since they moved a couple of mos. ago, great chance that they haven't been there yet, so would be a nice way for them to check it out.

            Then, of course there's Clio... and if you know they're really into WINE, Troquet would be a treat (more casual... so not as "special" of an experience... mainly cause of the atmosphere as compared to Clio or L'Espalier... but serious chow and the best wine program in the city... a truly great place for the diner who's into vino).