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Dec 5, 2008 07:10 AM

Mint Chocolate Disks

Been looking for those quarter-sized mint chocolate disks to make DH's favorite cookies.
TJ's used to carry them, and long ago they were made buy the company that makes nonpareils.
So far no luck. Next stop is Andes mints, but I would rather the original. I'm west of Boston.

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  1. Sold in Quantity by this company. They are very friendly people up there and maybe you can order a smaller quantity? Their quality is very high IMO, love all their stuff.

    They also have a smaller quantity bag of Mint Crunch. You may be able to find these at Whole Foods as they carry a lot of their items:

    If you do make them my address is...........

    1. Try Michael's, or other crafts stores, for similar items in the candy-making section.

      1. at the mem drive tr j the other night, I saw another mint choc candy drop- w/ a sugar shell; in a tin i think. that product should work fine for you. otherwise , try WF. BTW, your husb would probably swoon over the TRJ chocolate covered chocolate cookies with crumbled mint candy outside and in. wickEDDDDDD!

        1. Williams Sonoma has peppermint cremes

          1. I used to love those discs at TJ's. Have not found any locally. In the King Arthur catalog they carry chocolate discs, no mint but they do carry mint chips. 5.95 for a pound.