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Dec 5, 2008 07:03 AM

Oyster Roast next week Myrtle Beach to Savannah

anyone know of an oyster roast bet Mon and Friday next week Dec 8-12 on route Myrtle Beach Charleston Beaufort and on to Savannah keep reading about them but never got to try one anything else sered besides oysters?? thanks

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  1. not sure there's a special event or anything for that week, but Bowen's Island Restaurant near Folly Beach just south of Charleston has the most famous oyster roast in SC almost every evening (in fact, that's pretty much all they do - oyster roast + beer, but you can get some other seafood too there).

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      We had one here in Murrells Inlet a couple weeks ago on the Marshwalk, but I think some restaurants in the Inlet may do one but I have not been.Maybe Nance's or Cedar Hill,I think.

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        i just read on http://www.myrtlebeachrestaurantnews.... That brookgreen gardens is having roast oysters during their night of 1000 lights....which is awesome .

      2. re: mikeh

        Bowen's Island is definitely the place in Charleston. For a different atmosphere, you might try Fleet Landing. Haven't had their oysters, but they offer buckets at this time of year and the setting is great - in downtown Charleston overlooking the harbor.