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Dec 5, 2008 06:31 AM

Taranta's Jose Duarte leading a culinary trip to Peru

Just got an e-mail from him about it. A week plus travel days starting 3/21, sightseeing plus gastronomy aplenty: pisco tastings, a visit to what was believed to have been an Incan agricultural "laboratory," lectures on potatoes, forays into Peruvian Chinese. It's not as much cooking as I'd have guessed, more eating and learning. $3850 per. Not in my budget in the best of times, but thought other Duarte fans might want to know...

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  1. If I had an extra 4K, I'd be all over this. Chef Duarte strikes me as a fun guy to travel and eat with. Peruvian Chinese also intrigues me. Thanks for posting .... do you have contact info?

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      Peru has a relatively sizable Asian population, as evidence by one of its former presidents. Lima actually has its own "barrio china" and most neighborhoods have a "chifa" - chinese restaurant. I've always enjoyed chinese food in Peru, though its been a while so I can't remember specifics.

      Actually, one of the classic Peruvian dishes - saltado - is chinese influenced. Its basically a stir-fry, and many recipes call for using soy sauce.

      1. re: El Guapo

        Thanks -- I'm familiar with the concept, but would love to try it in Peru.

        1. re: El Guapo

          rincon limeno in east boston does a nice job with their chifa dishes (arroz chaufa, lomo saltado, tallarin saltado)

        2. re: yumyum

          There's nothing on the PDF he sent, so I'd guess just call Taranta...yeah, one of the things I love(d) about him was that whenever I was in, he was always sharing new finds from his latest trip there with me, always excited about this or that new discovery...just the guy to take you on a tour. (Unless you're Jackie Mason, who once said something about a good vacation being the armchair in the hotel lobby...)