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Dec 5, 2008 06:07 AM

Best Food - NW Houston

Hey! I just moved to Houston about a month ago. Can anyone recommend good places between the FM 1960 area and the Greenspoint area? I really love Chinese, Japanese, Greek, Filippino, Cajun/Creole, Southern, Italian and Mexican cuisines in particular.


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  1. I'm also looking for something in the North part of Houston this weekend, particularly something "masculine" that's not expensive/trendy and more food focused than drink focused.

    1. for both of you, try phoenix, there have been threads on this board about nw houston recommendtions within the last few months. on b4, you can search by part of town and cuisine. here's what you get with nw houston mexican

      that'll give you a start. try inserting your zip code for a more manageable list. shouldnt have any trouble finding anything out there except filipino maybe. whether theres any hounds here with any experience with any of them is another matter.

      luniz houston is very spread out, as big as rhode island. north part of houston is very vague. narrow it down. close in/far out: also i don't get what you mean by masculine. you want a sports bar that focuses on food?

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        we ended up eating at Taqueria Michoacan near the Crown Plaza (Beltway & 45 -ish) and it was excellent. They cooked the ceviche because I'm a whitey but everything else was authentically hole in the wall good, nice flour tortillas too.

      2. When we have a Pad Thai craving, we head to Nit Noi on FM 1960 near Red Oak. And if you are looking for decent "American-style Italian" fare, try Lasagna House III on FM 1960 at I-45. I used to take home a whole pan of their lasagna with a container of extra sauce and serve it at informal dinner gatherings. Yum. But then, that was BEFORE yours truly really learned to cook the good stuff herself. ;)

        I'm not much help with other cuisines you're seeking in that area. Although I must say, I've never had a bad TexMex meal at Pappasito's on I-45 near Airtex.